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Tekken 7’s Upcoming Bowling DLC.

Before you start reading, please just watch this masterpiece of a trailer.   yeah, so let’s break this trailer down. Basically, this trailer was 80 percent Harada, 20 percent gameplay, A masterpiece nonetheless. Here we can see the UI of the bowling system, looks like you have a power bar, degree arc, all the necessary shit in a bowling game. That’s it really, […]

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Metroidvania Games: Transcending Genres

  Gaming in 2017 gives consumers a lot of options. From mobile games to First Person Shooters to indie games there’s a section of the market that most people tap into at least sometimes. The most popular console games at the moment are probably FPS’s (who hasn’t played Call of Duty) and open world 3rd person games. Then there’s the […]

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Diablo 3: Necro-Splosion!!

  DLC is synonymous to video games, these days the two terms can’t go without the other. Most of the time DLC is over priced and very minuscule for the amount that you are paying. Then there are those times when you know a DLC has been done right, something so amazing that you could honestly call it a brand […]

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Sea of Thieves: A New Wave of Pirate Games?

During Microsoft’s E3 briefing, they revealed a brand new online multiplayer exclusive titled Sea of Thieves. It is essentially an online multiplayer pirate game, focused on finding treasure to upgrade your ship or to buy other items. We got a nine-minute gameplay trailer, and I’ve got to say, it looks pretty damn cool. The graphics are actually nice, and the […]

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Fifa Switch Preview

  So a version of FIFA has been announced for Nintendo Switch. Originally announced at Nintendo’s Switch reveal back in January will it simply be a port of the Xbox 360 version or has it really been built from the ground up for Switch? The game is missing some modes, but apparently, everyone who played it at e3 has good […]

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Ashen: What to expect

Although announced a couple years back by Xbox’s 2015 E3, we finally got a gameplay trailer and a full fledged announcement on Ashen, an action RPG about a dark world covered in ashes. As described by Xbox, “This is the world where nothing lasts, no matter how tight you cling to it.” Also stating that the game is about forging […]

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Semblance: The Playdough Platformer

I love indie games, if you are a frequent visitor you would not see this as a surprise. Every game that comes out seems to have some sort of recycled material that makes it blend in with its fellow genre specific games. Indie games are a great way for people to prove themselves as a great game developer and we […]

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The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti

Indie developers have been working hard to create some spectacular looking games. Some have succeeded, while others have crashed and burned. This year’s E3 has done a great job of being a platform for the indie developers of all kinds to bring their work to the world. One game, in particular, is The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti. While the game […]

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Cuphead: An Animated Blast to the Past

Among all the craziness that happened at this years E3, there were still a lot of games that went on without too much of a mention. It is easy to see that as a possibility as there were so many games announced this year. But, there was one game that I wanted to shed some light on. At the Microsoft […]

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Metroid: Samus Returns Preview

    One major Nintendo announcement that was left out of their Spotlight Presentation was the reveal of Metroid: Samus Returns for Nintendo 3ds. Announced during the first hour of Nintendo Treehouse live at E3 2017 the game is a 2.5D remake of Metroid: The Return of Samus which originally released on the original Game Boy in 1991. The game […]

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Nintendo E3 2017 Round Up

Nintendo have gone for pre-recorded ‘direct’ style e3 presentations for the last few years now (apart from last year which was solely focused on Zelda: Breath of the Wild). This year has been no different and with a run time of only 25 minutes what kind of reaction were they expecting? To be fair it’s being followed by a treehouse […]

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E3 2017 Coverage: Beyond Good And Ubisoft.

The conference starts off with a close-up of a Rabbid’s face. A couple of moments later, another Rabbid shows up, jumping on a Mario block… Yes, folks, it’s the first ever trailer of Mario+Rabbids.   After that short trailer, that Guillemont guy appeared with a smug grin. You know he had something hidden away, after useless introduction to the game, […]