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Evil Genome Review

  Evil Genome is the newest release from Crystal Depths Studio and it follows the heroine Lachesis and her witty sidekick Alfa as they explore the vast wasteland world. Being a Metroidvania style adventure game I didn´t know what to expect from it since I haven´t played many of this kind of games before. Well after starting a new game […]

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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

The Land Of The Dead — Hell. Senua is a hardened Celtic warrior, that ventured into the land of the dead, to get her dear beloved Dillion back. The game starts off with Senua rowing herself across a river using a tree log — to the land of the dead — it’s her only hope of getting Dillion back is here, […]

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Immortal Planet – Iso-Souls!

Dark Souls has always been a series that is very near and dear to my heart. I have spent countless hours just trying to perfect the movements of each and every single boss to make the next play through even smoother than the last. At first, the punishing difficulty was a bit of a turn-off but after I gave it […]

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Hidden 3DS Gems!

In general, the 3ds has a great games library (although there’s an obvious lack of FPS games). From core Nintendo titles to a wonderful line up of RPGs there’s something for gamers of all ages and tastes. But if you look past the Mario, Zelda, and Sonic titles what is there that has gone under the radar? In the handheld’s […]

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The Darkside Detective Review

Point and click adventure games is one of the longest lasting genres in video games if not the longest lasting. While the genre didn’t particularly start with point and click, it has definitely found its stride when the mouse was introduced. One of the most recent additions to the genre is the indie game The Darkside Detective. Darkside Detective takes […]

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Capcom ready to switch things up?

After good sales for Ultra Street fighter 2: The Final Challengers on Switch Capcom may be about to commit to the system in a more meaningful way. Takashi Mochizuki of the Wall Street journal has recently posted on Twitter that the company is looking into releasing multiple titles on Switch. Capcom themselves have also tweeted that their Switch Street Fighter […]

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Destiny 2 Beta: What We Know So Far

The Destiny 2 Beta is finally here after what felt like forever, at least for some people, including myself. There isn’t too much content packed in as it is a beta, but one thing that seems to be the biggest difference to me was the graphical upgrade. It is already a pretty big step up from the first game and […]

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Doom: 6.66 “Ultimate” Update Arrives!

  Anybody remember the most recent Doom? If so, you will be pleased to hear that with the new aptly appointed 6.66 “Ultimate” update there will be a few new features implemented into the game. First, anybody who wasn’t able to get the season pass for the game will be able to play all of the DLC as part of […]

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My Favourite Game

When you ask people “What is your favourite game?” the answer is often uncertain. Most usually name a few ones, as they can’t decide which out of those few were their favourite. I too did this for a long time, that was until I played Fable 2. Prior to my experience with this masterpiece, I had played Fable 3 when […]

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My Favourite Legend of Zelda Game

Legend of Zelda what a, for lack of a better word, legendary series. One of the may Nintendo stories that spawned after they took over the video game market after Atari fucked it up. When you usually ask for someone’s favourite Zelda, I feel like the most common response is Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask. Spoiler alert, that isn’t mine. […]

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Where does the Legend of Zelda go next?

    Zelda games have traditionally been hard to define. Often referred to as ‘action adventure’ games due to the elements of exploration and combat they do also contain heavy puzzle components and other features more commonly seen in other genres. Maybe it’s partly because they are a mix of genres that the games are so good and critically acclaimed. […]

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The Resurgence of 2D Platformers

Platformers formed the basis of the video game revival after the crash that of 1983. One game that saved the industry, in particular, was the original Super Mario Bros for the NES. Super Mario Bros saved the industry almost by itself and the game went on to inspire developers throughout the 8 bit and 16-bit eras. During the 90’s platformers […]

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Tekken 7’s Upcoming Bowling DLC.

Before you start reading, please just watch this masterpiece of a trailer.   yeah, so let’s break this trailer down. Basically, this trailer was 80 percent Harada, 20 percent gameplay, A masterpiece nonetheless. Here we can see the UI of the bowling system, looks like you have a power bar, degree arc, all the necessary shit in a bowling game. That’s it really, […]