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10 Upcoming Games Of 2018

Here are 10 games to look forward to in 2018 and beyond. In no Particular order: God of War (2018): It looks like Kratos is going open-world in this visually impressive PS4 exclusive. Due for release on April 20th of this year, Kratos’s chains have been replaced with an axe and the game features optional environment based bosses similar to […]

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The Rise and Fall of The 3D Platformer

The birth of 3D video-games was accompanied by one of the best 3D platformers ever made; Super Mario 64–Super responsive controls, a huge world to explore and amazing level design led this game to define its genre and it arguably hasn’t been bettered since. The golden age of 3d platformers followed with titles such as Spyro, Crash Bandicoot and Sonic […]

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Games That Defined The Medium

After a Justified but long break. We are (Back?) Expect More Stuff. Since the start of the video game industry, the older generation has often labelled games as a past time for angsty teenagers sitting huddled, hidden in a dark bedroom somewhere. However, after more than 35 years the medium has matured and there are now examples of video games […]

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Top 10 OP Weapons That Kinda SUCK!

When you think of the term “OP”, what comes to mind? Ostrich penis? Welcome to the club! In all seriousness though, games have always used the moniker OP as a way to describe something that is incredibly powerful, which makes sense since OP stands for Overpowered. From the dawn of gaming time, there has always been that weapon that makes […]

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Top 4 Protagonists in Video Games

  There are a lot of famous video game protagonists; from Mario to Sonic the list is rather large. However, because I mentioned those two twats in the intro, they aren’t going to be on this list. No, this list contains the characters that have stood out to me over the years I’ve been playing games, the heroes who I […]

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Hidden 3DS Gems!

In general, the 3ds has a great games library (although there’s an obvious lack of FPS games). From core Nintendo titles to a wonderful line up of RPGs there’s something for gamers of all ages and tastes. But if you look past the Mario, Zelda, and Sonic titles what is there that has gone under the radar? In the handheld’s […]

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Capcom ready to switch things up?

After good sales for Ultra Street fighter 2: The Final Challengers on Switch Capcom may be about to commit to the system in a more meaningful way. Takashi Mochizuki of the Wall Street journal has recently posted on Twitter that the company is looking into releasing multiple titles on Switch. Capcom themselves have also tweeted that their Switch Street Fighter […]

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My Favourite Game

When you ask people “What is your favourite game?” the answer is often uncertain. Most usually name a few ones, as they can’t decide which out of those few were their favourite. I too did this for a long time, that was until I played Fable 2. Prior to my experience with this masterpiece, I had played Fable 3 when […]

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My Favourite Legend of Zelda Game

Legend of Zelda what a, for lack of a better word, legendary series. One of the may Nintendo stories that spawned after they took over the video game market after Atari fucked it up. When you usually ask for someone’s favourite Zelda, I feel like the most common response is Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask. Spoiler alert, that isn’t mine. […]

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Where does the Legend of Zelda go next?

    Zelda games have traditionally been hard to define. Often referred to as ‘action adventure’ games due to the elements of exploration and combat they do also contain heavy puzzle components and other features more commonly seen in other genres. Maybe it’s partly because they are a mix of genres that the games are so good and critically acclaimed. […]