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Radical Heights — Radical Assumptions

The battle royale genre craze is never-ending, as we see new battle royale games being announced left and right (most of them indie), and with the massive surge in popularity of the battle royale genre in the past year of gaming, I can without a doubt say its the most popular genre at the moment. From PUBG to Fortnite (and […]

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A Year of Shenanigans Has Passed

This exact time on the 21st of March 2017, something special was started. The Creed finally had a place to call home. A place where we can freely discuss all of our opinions with no boundaries. A place where there was no corporate interference, that might affect our opinions on some matters. But most importantly; a place to call home. […]

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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

The Land Of The Dead — Hell. Senua is a hardened Celtic warrior, that ventured into the land of the dead, to get her dear beloved Dillion back. The game starts off with Senua rowing herself across a river using a tree log — to the land of the dead — it’s her only hope of getting Dillion back is here, […]

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Tekken 7’s Upcoming Bowling DLC.

Before you start reading, please just watch this masterpiece of a trailer.   yeah, so let’s break this trailer down. Basically, this trailer was 80 percent Harada, 20 percent gameplay, A masterpiece nonetheless. Here we can see the UI of the bowling system, looks like you have a power bar, degree arc, all the necessary shit in a bowling game. That’s it really, […]

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E3 2017 Coverage: Beyond Good And Ubisoft.

The conference starts off with a close-up of a Rabbid’s face. A couple of moments later, another Rabbid shows up, jumping on a Mario block… Yes, folks, it’s the first ever trailer of Mario+Rabbids.   After that short trailer, that Guillemont guy appeared with a smug grin. You know he had something hidden away, after useless introduction to the game, […]

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Watch Code Vien’s Trailer and Gameplay Information.

Prepare To Dine?… Code Vein is the newest game from the same developers that made God Eater, the game’s publisher Namco Bandai, released the official gameplay trailer today, the game definitely has some similarities and inspirations taken from the souls-borne series, hinted by the tagline of the concept animation trailer ” prepare to dine”. Referring to the famous “Prepare To […]

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Welcome To The Creed

What to expect You can expect game reviews on most major games and some little gems here and there. Rants are a must on this site , since the AAA gaming industry is filled with corruption and greed. Suggestions are welcome. Reviews. Reviews will feature an in-depth look to every game we write about , expect honesty in every review/rant since we aren’t afraid of damaging relationships with any publisher. Each post will be at least 600 words long , we don’t like to waste your time. Rants. Rants may be longer than reviews since they will be about multiple subjects or examples at a time ,Rants will generally be about the gaming industry. Later nerds.