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Destiny 2 – Review

It is here and this might be a few days off but screw it, I’ve been playing Destiny 2. Let’s talk about that. Let me just say first off that holy shitsticks this game is awesome! Destiny 2 has brought me in like it’s little baby and let me suckle off of the teat of Online FPS glory, liking that […]

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Gamescom 2017 Round Up

Gamescom was this past week and boy howdy was it kind of… E3 all over again. That in no means that it was a letdown, for all the rehashing of previously announced titles, we got newer content for some games, and also a couple of newly announced game. Also Shenmue III! So let’s do a nice little wrap up of […]

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Top 10 OP Weapons That Kinda SUCK!

When you think of the term “OP”, what comes to mind? Ostrich penis? Welcome to the club! In all seriousness though, games have always used the moniker OP as a way to describe something that is incredibly powerful, which makes sense since OP stands for Overpowered. From the dawn of gaming time, there has always been that weapon that makes […]

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Blackhole: Complete Edition (PS4) Review

So, I do not know exactly why but whenever the words platformer and puzzle get combined into the same game, I have a tendency to display the utmost amount of mastery while playing. I say this completely in sarcasm as I have an innate ability to absolutely obliterate my love towards playing video games by playing platform puzzlers, Platfuzzlers? I […]

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Immortal Planet – Iso-Souls!

Dark Souls has always been a series that is very near and dear to my heart. I have spent countless hours just trying to perfect the movements of each and every single boss to make the next play through even smoother than the last. At first, the punishing difficulty was a bit of a turn-off but after I gave it […]

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The Darkside Detective Review

Point and click adventure games is one of the longest lasting genres in video games if not the longest lasting. While the genre didn’t particularly start with point and click, it has definitely found its stride when the mouse was introduced. One of the most recent additions to the genre is the indie game The Darkside Detective. Darkside Detective takes […]

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Doom: 6.66 “Ultimate” Update Arrives!

  Anybody remember the most recent Doom? If so, you will be pleased to hear that with the new aptly appointed 6.66 “Ultimate” update there will be a few new features implemented into the game. First, anybody who wasn’t able to get the season pass for the game will be able to play all of the DLC as part of […]

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Diablo 3: Necro-Splosion!!

  DLC is synonymous to video games, these days the two terms can’t go without the other. Most of the time DLC is over priced and very minuscule for the amount that you are paying. Then there are those times when you know a DLC has been done right, something so amazing that you could honestly call it a brand […]

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Semblance: The Playdough Platformer

I love indie games, if you are a frequent visitor you would not see this as a surprise. Every game that comes out seems to have some sort of recycled material that makes it blend in with its fellow genre specific games. Indie games are a great way for people to prove themselves as a great game developer and we […]

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The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti

Indie developers have been working hard to create some spectacular looking games. Some have succeeded, while others have crashed and burned. This year’s E3 has done a great job of being a platform for the indie developers of all kinds to bring their work to the world. One game, in particular, is The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti. While the game […]

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Cuphead: An Animated Blast to the Past

Among all the craziness that happened at this years E3, there were still a lot of games that went on without too much of a mention. It is easy to see that as a possibility as there were so many games announced this year. But, there was one game that I wanted to shed some light on. At the Microsoft […]

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Video Games of the DC Universe

Comic books are in right now; whether you actually follow up on the comics themselves, or watch the myriad of movies and television shows, it is hard to go anywhere and not see something that has its inspiration from comic books. And, it is easy to see why there is such a surge in the comic world. When you think […]