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Rainbow Six Siege: Blood Orchid

Once again Ubisoft releases some new operators for their now 2-year-old game Rainbow Six Siege. The new update Blood Orchid introduces the operators Lesion and Ying as well as the map Theme Park. Lesion and Ying, both hailing from the S.D.U, each come equipped with their own special abilities. Lesion comes with the GU-Mine, a mine that is pretty much […]

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Battlefield 1: In The Name Of The Tsar

Prepare yourself because the DLC train is about to pull into the station Battlefield 1. Yes “In The Name Of The Tsar” is the newest expansion coming to Battlefield 1 on the 19th of September or two weeks earlier if you own the Premium Pass. Publisher EA claims that it will be the most extensive expansion yet. Now, what does […]

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Destiny 2: Bungies Redemption?

Better have your wallets handy because Destiny 2 is coming out next week. The successor to the allegedly most expensive game ever made. Now let me take you back to the ancient year of 2014. Everyone was excited for Destiny because it was supposed to be the greatest open world MMORPG ever. And Destiny had everything going for it a […]

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Evil Genome Review

  Evil Genome is the newest release from Crystal Depths Studio and it follows the heroine Lachesis and her witty sidekick Alfa as they explore the vast wasteland world. Being a Metroidvania style adventure game I didn´t know what to expect from it since I haven´t played many of this kind of games before. Well after starting a new game […]