Once again Ubisoft releases some new operators for their now 2-year-old game Rainbow Six Siege. The new update Blood Orchid introduces the operators Lesion and Ying as well as the map Theme Park. Lesion and Ying, both hailing from the S.D.U, each come equipped with their own special abilities.

Lesion comes with the GU-Mine, a mine that is pretty much impossible to see coming until you step on it, is a trap that when activated by an enemy explodes and injects the unfortunate soul it is activated by with a toxin which slows them down and damages them until the spike is removed by the player. This takes some time and makes the player unable to defend themselves against incoming enemies. This makes the mine very good for slowing the enemy´s advance. Lesion regenerates these mines over time which gives him virtually an infinite supply of them. This is however balanced by the mines regenerating very slowly.
Ying, on the other hand, gets a grenade which launches six flashbangs upon its detonation. This is very useful if you want to clear out a room of enemies. However beware of Jägers active defense system as it can destroy the grenade before it goes off. But this can also be used to your advantage as it can be used to wipe out all of Jägers trophy system because if the initial grenade doesn´t get destroyed all of the 6 flashbangs that launch from it will be targeted by the trophy systems of which Jäger has 3 each with 2 charges. This makes your teammates able to throw their grenades without worrying about them being destroyed.
As for the new map Theme Park, I must say that it doesn´t come up in matchmaking a lot which is unfortunate because I think that it is a pretty good map. There´s plenty of places for defenders to hide to get the jump on the attackers and there is plenty of entry points and strategies that the attacking team could use to catch the defenders off guard.
Overall I think that the Blood Orchid update was a good addition to Rainbow Six Siege and it is nice to see a developer support their game long after it came out so Ubisoft you did a good job you get a cookie.

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