It is here and this might be a few days off but screw it, I’ve been playing Destiny 2. Let’s talk about that.

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Let me just say first off that holy shitsticks this game is awesome! Destiny 2 has brought me in like it’s little baby and let me suckle off of the teat of Online FPS glory, liking that visual? So what makes this game so great?

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In the realm of Destiny, the first game was not considered to have the best story line. Sure it had its moments and definitely built a bit of a world that you could follow, but as far as your typical story line the first iteration was lacking. This time around however it seems that Bungie took the time to actually flesh out a story arc that has its beginning, middle, and end. It just seems that this time around the plot and character interactions seems to be more organic and less forced. That is not to say however that they didn’t force some aspects of the story, but they have gotten a little bit better when it comes to its story.

Things are less ambiguous this time around and that really adds an extra layer of complexity to the game that was much needed in the first. I will say that the story is a little bit more on the cliché side in its base form but when you add all the characters and their reason for being in the story and how they bring out the story in their dialogue and interaction really helps it stand on its own as a little bit more than a cookie cutter story line. It is pretty interesting to see how the game play compliments the story in very subtle ways. As you accept a quest and move to your location you notice various different characters that are exploring around. As soon as I enter that building or cavern, though, I am all of a sudden alone on my quest. It is a very small thing and I realize it must make sense in a game making sense, but something about having no support out of nowhere just adds to the level of intensity in that game. So how does Destiny 2 stack up against Destiny gameplay wise?

There isn’t too much of a separation of styles when it comes to these two games. Destiny 2 works about as much as you would expect a sequel to play out. While there are some minor changes, one of the big changes is the Director. Getting around in Destiny 2 is a whole lot easier in than it was in its predecessor, as the Director easily displays different quests and goals as well as events that are occurring at any point in your general vicinity. The Director also helps with trans planetary travel and social interactions all at once making it possibly the most useful thing to any players repertoire. Everything else seems to be pretty stock from the last game. There are a few changes to the class progression system that allows a bit more of a unique experience between players.

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The multiplayer is also pretty much the same as it has been in Destiny. This is one of this situations, though, that you really don’t need to change the core multiplayer too much as Bungie has done an impeccable job of crafting an easily understood and thoroughly entertaining experience. I only played a few matches but it really brings together a lot of the experiences that you see from the story and introduces them to a team environment. It is hard to really protest against a multiplayer giant like Bungie, as their foray into the realm has pretty much always been seen with great success. Aside from the occasional complaint at a server is full, the network has shown itself as being incredibly strong and well adjusted to its large release. Let’s take a look at those aesthetics.

Graphically this game is insanely gorgeous and vibrant. Everything in the game was so expertly placed and crafted that it really brings you into the universe of the game creating a sense of immersion the likes of which are hard to rival. Each planet really has their own life to them and carries out the story line in a very visual way giving you an insight into the lore behind the planet as you arrive at it. Even the rest areas are well planned and impressive to look at and explore as you walk around. Nothing compares to just the scale of the sets. Even when you are standing on a balcony and looking out in the distance, everything that you are taking in is just breath taking. They took an impressively gorgeous game and made it even more incredible looking.

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On the other hand, the characters and their equipment have always been great looking. There is something satisfying about seeing armor that you have seen in the game and you get just that much closer to getting your hands on it. One of the main reasons that I like games like Destiny 2 is that they put the time and effort into to making the process of gaining all that gear worthwhile by spicing them up with beautiful visuals. I would have liked to see a bit more variation on some of the weapons in the game, while I understand that there are a lot of weapons as is, but it would be nice to have some of the certain rifles look different than the next to create some more unique qualities. The bright side of this being that you can put a shader on your weapon to give it just that little bit more of individuality. All in all, Bungie did a fantastic job at creating an environment and characters that breathe so much life into the game just by their looks.

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I only really have a few gripes with the game, and they are minor if anything. One big one is that I noticed while playing the game that the characters had a habit of being pretty one sided in the realm of emotion. There are some funny characters that help balance that out, but there seems to be way too many intense and stern characters. I realize that this fits the motif of the game, but it was really nice to see Cayde-6 as a character and that he knows when to be serious and comedic at the right times.

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There are some things that make the game pretty unique compared to its predecessor, but for the most part, the game maintained that Destiny feels and gameplay. In this particular case, though, I am not upset by that. A game like Destiny is the kind of game that knows it has its pros and its cons, but it has been trying to demonstrate its ability to listen to the gamer and fix those cons. While I would not consider this the best game ever, it is definitely a great game and it has the possibility of being as good if not better than its predecessor.



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