American McGee's AliceAmerican McGee’s Alice is a third-person horror action game released in 2000 that is an adaptation of the classic tale of Alice In Wonderland. However, unlike the original tale, American McGee decided to tweak the story a bit.

The game begins with Alice witnessing her parent’s death in a house fire; so already we’ve drastically deviated away from the original narrative… How very interesting. Anyway, Alice is sent to an asylum as she goes a tad loopy and spends ten years there, her only possession being a stuffed rabbit.

After spending a considerable period of time being mad, the White Rabbit summons her to Wonderland, though this Wonderland is a warped remnant of the land she once traversed. A woman known as The Queen of Hearts rules Wonderland, and it her maliciousness that has defiled Wonderland and it is Alice’s job to rescue this land from the evil that ensnares it.

Ever since the second game, released in 2011, people have been wanting a third one. The fans desire for this game is so much that McGee has started blocking people for incessantly questioning him about the game, he finally responded to the questions a while ago saying that he has no control over the game’s creation as EA owns the rights to the game. 

The second game in the series did introduce improvements to the overall gameplay,, but still had flaws, still though. It ended being a cult success.

Now, before I continue, I want to get a little sidetracked. This is a series published by EA? Why do people want this game again? Could it really be that good?


Anyway… back on topic. Only yesterday, McGee released a tweet announcing he’s working on a proposal for the third installment in the video game series and has invited fans to visit his site and lend their support. So, if you happen to be a fan of this game series, go to his site and give him a hand in the proposal for the third game; Alice: Asylum.

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