Better have your wallets handy because Destiny 2 is coming out next week. The successor to the allegedly most expensive game ever made.
Now let me take you back to the ancient year of 2014. Everyone was excited for Destiny because it was supposed to be the greatest open world MMORPG ever. And Destiny had everything going for it a massive budget, former Halo developers Bungie as the studio behind it. It was going to be great. Except that when it launched while it might have looked visually stunning the problem was that the world felt very lifeless and the characters, if you can even call them that, were pretty much robots. Now with successive DLCs, I got better and better but everyone knew it needed a sequel to give Bungie a chance to redeem themselves as one of the top dogs of game development. Well that´s exactly what´s happening now.

Destiny 2 launches on the 6th of September but Playstation and Xbox users can pre-load it beforehand. It has also been confirmed when the first Nightfall Strikes, Raid and Trials will launch. Nightfall Strikes will be available as soon as the game goes live while the raid will starts at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST on September 13 (3 AM AET on September 14 in Australia). Trials will start at the same time on the 15th of September (16th in Australia).
The development team behind the game have kept fairly quiet about the game which is unusual for such a big game but from what we do have we can see that Destiny 2 will improve massively on the flaws of its predecessor which can only be good but we´ll see when the game finally comes out.

So be prepared for Fall and Winter 2017 because this year is going out with a bang by the looks of it.

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