Gamescom was this past week and boy howdy was it kind of… E3 all over again. That in no means that it was a letdown, for all the rehashing of previously announced titles, we got newer content for some games, and also a couple of newly announced game. Also Shenmue III! So let’s do a nice little wrap up of the events.

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Microsoft has always tried to beat out its main opponent, Sony, by bringing the most beautiful graphics and technology to the table while bundling it with exclusives that would keep the die hard console wars going. It demonstrates that by bringing more information out on its new Xbox One X console and all the brand new games that will be enhanced by the system. On a game front, there wasn’t too much of anything new, coming off of E3 the way that they did there is bound to be overlap. Aside from a few games and the actual console itself there wasn’t too much added to the realm of video gaming that hasn’t already happened. What new stuff we did see was a breath of fresh air. Titles including Assassin’s Creed: Origins and Shadows of War had new stuff to show off whether it was gameplay footage or cinematic trailers. Possibly the biggest part for Microsoft was the Sea of Thieves reveal that it will be crossplay. This has been a widely talked about the game and the fact that people can play on both PC and Xbox and now play with one another makes it even more anticipated.

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Nintendo seems to be having one of the biggest turns around years in the last decade. Considering that they are sitting on a game that is probably the fan favorite of the year and it hasn’t even come out. Gamescom was not without its interesting announcements, some of which are increasingly interesting on the whole. Starting with the obvious elephant in the room, Mario Odyssey has been the breakout title at this years Gamescom. Winning various awards at Gamescom, Mario is showing that he is here to stay and bringing, even more, life into an already vibrant franchise. On the Pokemon side, they are not coming out with Ultra Sun and Moon but also Gold and Silver! Add to that Super Mario 3D Land, Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Kirby Triple Deluxe are now on the Nintendo Selects. Oh and also… METROID!!!

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It is at this point where Gamescom kind of goes over the IP that each group is producing at that time and there really isn’t a lot of new things added to that list at all. While they don’t add too much they do make up for it by adding new tidbits of footage for all these games. Sony being on the list as they tag team with Blizzard to bring that lovely Destiny 2 just that much closer. You remember that game from Sega that was made for the Dreamcast? You know the incredible one that got all those rave reviews and spawned an even better sequel? Did you know they are making a third one? Shenmue III has since been announced for a while since the Kickstarter for the game went up in 2015. But now we have it, legitimate proof that the game is on its way to being finished. And I am not talking like 2018, possibly 2019, could be a chance for 2020 like some other Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts type games, but actual second half 2018. After seeing how much hell this game went through when it was first trying to be made about a decade ago, it will be interesting to see just how well the game fits with its predecessors. We can only hope that if anyone does play it, that it is as fun as the first two.

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EA is one of those companies where you don’t even need to watch the conference to know what’s going on. And when you do, you realize just how much time you wasted watching the actual event. So the big contenders for EA this year is obviously Battlefield 1, Fifa 18, Battlefront 2, and Sims 4? While they didn’t really show anything too intense or all that exciting, they did show a few some game modes and updated releases for the current games in their repertoire. Battlefield 1 is seeing a new game mode, as well as a new edition that will include everything in the game in one package. Fifa 18 revealed a new trailer for all those Football fans. Sims 4 has a brand new, but not really brand new because its been done before, dogs and cats expansion. Battlefront 2 showed off it’s Starfighter Assault game mode that makes the biggest fan fall in love with the franchise. In the trailer, they go through all the eras of the movies and even include Yoda and Darth Maul behind the wheel/stick/pilot thing.

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It’s the season of sequels in Bethesdaville. Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein 2 are the big names on that list and they do not look they are disappointing. Although, I will say that I still am not sure what to think of Evil Within but hey it looks like a gorgeous game regardless. There are a couple of VR games coming out but if you watched E3 you saw those games get their announcements. All in all, Bethesda didn’t really delve too much into the groundbreaking portions that they have a tendency to do. I am really hoping for that Elder Scrolls sequel guys.


And really those are the big ones. Ubisoft and Square Enix had a few things up for display but a lot of it was stuff we had already seen before and that included in other conferences for this years Gamescom. While we did see a lot of the same stuff that we did at E3, that is not too much of a surprise as this holds the point of being about the stuff that was announced being seen in a bigger and more vibrant light. If you asked me Nintendo took home the award for the best conference as they have just been steam rolling as of late. Can’t wait to see what comes next year!


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