When you think of the term “OP”, what comes to mind? Ostrich penis? Welcome to the club! In all seriousness though, games have always used the moniker OP as a way to describe something that is incredibly powerful, which makes sense since OP stands for Overpowered. From the dawn of gaming time, there has always been that weapon that makes the game almost pointless after obtaining it. In Halo it’s the pistol, in Final Fantasy VII it’s the knights of the Round summon. There are some situations though where an OP weapon can be equally as useless as it is overpowered. Let’s take a look at some.

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10. Paddlesaw – Dead Rising 2 & 3

On all accounts, this weapon has the makings to be a great weapon and in some situations, it really is a great weapon. The combination system in Dead Rising 2 & 3 allows you to shittily build strong weapons using various materials that you find around your undead playground. One said the combination is utilizing the versatility of a double-sided paddle with the hedging abilities of a few chainsaws to create an intense creation that can eviscerate even the toughest of zombies. While it is a fun weapon and certainly OP in its own right, it doesn’t compare to some of the weapons that you can create at a much sooner time in the game. Now assuming you are white water rafting through a horde of zombies, you would be stupid not to use this as your trusty tool of destruction.

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9. Pulse Rifle – Dead Space 1 & 2

The Pulse Rifle is one of those guns that sets itself apart from all the different weapons in the first two Dead Space games. Primarily because the pulse rifle is the only gun that is automatic. And while that has its uses and when fully upgraded is not a horrible gun, it does not compare to the basic plasma cutter. You can tell from the start that the developers wanted you to have opportunities to use different weapons but they also knew that you could pretty much plasma cut your way through the entire game if wanted.

Image result for Smough's hammer

8. Smough’s Hammer – Dark Souls 1 & 3

Oh Dark Souls, we meet again. On the whole, this weapon is OP, there is no denying that I mean it is one of the few weapons on this list that is the size of a human and can easily erase said human from existence. What makes this particular weapon suck is the abnormally high amount of stats required to wield it. Once again I get it, in its incredible size it would require quite a bit of protein shakes and steroids to pick the thing up. But, it requires you go past your stats soft cap just to utilize one weapon when you can create a pretty even strength build with slightly weaker weapons and be just as useful. Props to the devs dropping that obscene 58 strength stat down to a 45 in Dark Souls III, we see you tryin’ there FromSoftware.

Image result for Lorenzo's artifact gun

7. Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun – Fallout 4

Wandering the wasteland you might have noticed a bit of a radiation problem. I use the term “a bit” pretty loosely seeing how you’re up to your ears in radiation most of the time. In the wasteland, you have an almost limitless level of armaments at your disposal. Want to remove a Raiders head completely using a .50 cal bullet? Take this sniper rifle. Turn your enemies into green goop, you say? I’ve got just the plasma rifle for you. You like aliens and blue dust? You do you baby boo (translates to alien blaster). One recent addition to the ammunition game is the use of gamma ammo. There are a group of individuals that you will encounter in the game that revels in the cancer that radiation brings. With them are weird radar dish weapons that emit gamma radiation from point blank. Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun is a similar gun; same ammo just different acquiring. Problem is, when you are in a world of radiation, maybe your best bet isn’t to shoot more radiation as typically some things gain a slight resistance to the stuff.

Image result for Windshear skyrim

6. Windshear – Skyrim

Now, I am probably in the 1% of people who actually don’t see a point to this weapon. So by all means, take this as an opinion. This weapon has it’s moments seeing how it has an incredible stun lock ability. And while I love stun block, there is just something missing from this rare weapon. No wait I found it, it has no damage. See when I fight an enemy in the game I like there to be some weight behind my swing. Something that has a little bit more oomph for that particularly hard to fight foe. Is Windshear incredibly OP? Yeah, but to me, it is a cheap OP.

Image result for giant's knife ocarina of time

5. Giant’s Knife/Biggoron’s Sword – Ocarina of Time

Technically they work in the same fashion just one is a cock tease and the other is incredibly difficult to get your hands on. Giant’s Knife is a crazy looking sword that is the second strongest sword in the entire game and if you have just gotten the sword while reading this sentence then probably by the end of it, you have already destroyed it. See, I was pretty torn as to whether or not I wanted to put this on the list because Biggoron’s Sword is the best sword in the game. It cuts like butter, but the requirements needed to get it takes about as long as it would to just beat the game with the master sword so I will put it the middle of the list.

Image result for hammer super smash bros

4. Black Hammer – Super Smash Bros. (series)

Holy damn, the days of no sleep and endless N64 tournaments is an all too familiar memory. When the boys were over, you bet that we were trading off controllers trying to best each other in the original Super Smash Bros.!  The game prides itself off its original fighting mechanics as well as its myriad of characters and weapons from various Nintendo Games, one particular item was the black hammer. The moment you grabbed a hold of that magical tool you knew the round was yours to win. Even the very sound of the music that this hammer emits is enough to bring back a very niche and minor amount of PTSD to any retro gamer. And then the other games happened. Eventually, we saw a lack of use of the hammer as it was pretty easy to avoid, and even better items were introduced.

Image result for Tediore guns

3. Tediore Guns – Borderlands 2

Borderlands prides itself on a very robust amount of weapons and weapon effects that make the combinations almost limitless. Some spit fire, some electrocute and even melt through machinery. Each brand of weapon has its own special mechanic that makes it different than the other. Tediore is equally interesting in that instead of reloading like the average Joe Schmo, you hurl your weapon at your enemies and watch as it detonates. In a world where there is pretty much all OP weapons, it comes as a bit of a let down that this brand includes a cool mechanic that can be more of a hindrance than a gift. The explosion bases itself off of the amount of ammunition that is left in the weapon when it is thrown, which means what you toss is what you lose. It is easy to lose ammo very quickly using the gun and for the relatively small explosion it gives off it is not particularly worth the quirk. Buy Torgue!!!

Image result for Dubstep gun

2. Dubstep Gun – Saints Row IV

Harness the power of the Bwaow (what I think dubstep sounds like) with the dubstep gun. A musically charged weapon that gives you dope beats and ass kicking all in the same package. While it is a pretty fun weapon and has a good amount of damage output, there are plenty of other weapons that allow you to create mayhem and destruction without being so unpredictable. Hell, in this game you can just roll around and melee your enemies to oblivion and have as much if not more damage when combined with your superpowers. Fun gun on paper but pretty mediocre in practice.

Image result for Golden gun goldeneye

1. Golden Gun – Goldeneye

Taking back to the N64 again with this magnificent game. Possibly the master of all screen cheating games has its titular golden gun that allows any player to put just one bullet into their enemies and watch as they perish. It’s instakill in a small golden package. And it fails in comparison to a few other guns due to its lack of ammunition. This is extremely prevalent when you consider you can kill seven men with the golden PP7 using one bullet each. Just got that gun? Here are a few proximity mines to put that gun to good use. Or you know, just play as Oddjob, because you’re a piece of shit anyways and want to absolutely ruin your friendships, Zach!


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