In general, the 3ds has a great games library (although there’s an obvious lack of FPS games). From core Nintendo titles to a wonderful line up of RPGs there’s something for gamers of all ages and tastes. But if you look past the Mario, Zelda, and Sonic titles what is there that has gone under the radar? In the handheld’s 6 year lifespan there have been many games that haven’t had the attention they deserve. So these are my fave five picks for 3ds hidden gems!


Released by Renegade Kid in 2014 Xeodrifter is a Metroidvania game with an awesome retro aesthetic and sound. The 3D really ‘pops’ and the game has you explore four different planets killing enemies and finding power ups to open up new areas. Metroidvania is an obvious inspiration and apart from some repetitive enemy design the 7-hour adventure is well worth the price tag. Recommended to all Metroidvania fans this is a definite gem! I just wish there had been a physical release!

Heroes of Ruin

I think Heroes of Ruin is actually the most underrated game on this list. Developed by N-Space and published by Square Enix it is actually also the only game on this list that had a 3ds physical release. An action RPG where you can play co-op online and locally the game borrows from Diablo in many ways. The game has a fantasy and slightly steampunk vibe and there are four classes of character to choose from including a really cool looking gunslinger. You can pick it up cheap nowadays and if you like diablo I would definitely advise you to get it!

AVGN Adventures

Based on the hilarious internet character the angry video game nerd this game is a level based platformer. You will die many times that’s for sure but the diverse environments all parody different video game franchises and the even comments when you die are really funny. A sequel is in development so let’s hope it can improve on this gem!

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

This game was originally released on dsiware and combines traditional role playing with strategy and puzzle elements. Basically you fight various fantasy creatures through matching gems to gain points which you then use to perform moves that lower the enemies HP. Although the idea is hard to explain at first the music and atmosphere are great and this certainly should be on your list of games to play if you like puzzle games.

Shantae and the Pirates Curse

I love the Shantae series. This is the third game in the series and although they’re often described as Metroidvania games I would say they have more elements similar to a side scrolling Zelda. I think this is the best game in the series and the sprite based graphics are gorgeous. Definitely, one to keep your eye out for in the e-shop sales!

So those are 5 3ds e-shop gems. Comment if there are some other 3ds games you think belong on this list!



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