Game Provided By Gambitious Digital Entertainment

System Reviewed On :

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti
  • Intel Core i7 5820K 
  • 16 GB of DDR4 RAM


The Brawler/Top-Down Action genre, isn’t that uncommon on PC, what differentiates this game from others, is that this has an actual budget behind it. Instead of quirky pixel art graphics, you get a fully rendered 3D art style, that is sometimes gorgeous to look at. Sometimes, but I digress. This game won’t give you a second to relax, you’re constantly in action, while this is fun, it can be frustrating at times since there are some questionable game design choices that baffled me.

You are The Redeemer, a buff old man, with a long white beard. Did I mention he’s a monk? After 20 years of peace and quiet in a monk’s monastery, you suddenly get invaded by your previous employers, death and chaos fill what was your safe haven for the past 2 decades.


Gameplay in Redeemer utilizes simple controls, X punches, Y Kicks, A Dodge rolls, and B is used for enemy executions. Simple. I don’t have to explain shooting mechanics in a twin-stick shooter hybrid since that’s stupid.


The Brawler mechanics are great and have that CRUNCH behind every hit, each hit feels brutal and devastating, you could also pull some of your enemies’ arms and use their arm as a weapon. Guns can be either picked up from the ground or off an enemy that you’ve beaten to a pulp, this part of the game is fun. Dodging gun fire, while beating up more than 6 enemies at the same time, picking up said gun that was being fired at you to finish the job. Not to mention the Arkham style parry mechanics. Everything just clicks.

Then the game had the “brilliant” idea of introducing mutant creatures to add them to the list of enemies, fighting the mutants got repetitive and boring quickly, plus you had to slow your play style down and run around panicking since there are no weapons left — bigger mutants require weapons and can’t be killed with fists, which leads to frustrating moments. The game has a lot of optimization issues, capped framerate at times, horrendous performance at certain points in the game for absolutely no reason.

Getting stuck on a door.

Checkpoints don’t save your weapons that you had on you, which makes saving weapons and ammo useless. Game breaking bugs that crash the game, you can’t load from checkpoints after you close the game, you have to redo the whole chapter over again. I don’t know what they were thinking when they implemented these “features”.

The story is not good, you don’t expect a good story from a game like this either way. Here’s the gist of it, you get invaded after a peaceful life, you find out the monks are being held captive, in I shit you not a place called the death factory ( at least that’s what your character calls it) after hours of fighting mutant freaks, and some soldiers, you get to kill the final boss ( which I won’t spoil) then you get an ending where Vasily ( you) contemplate your actions. Some characters are introduced along the way but they aren’t interesting what so ever.

That’s it.

Overall Redeemer is a good game, that could’ve used some more time in the oven, and had some stuff changed. The satisfying combat will keep you coming back even if you rage quit after a frustrating bug or game crash. So if you don’t care much about the story, and want satisfying combat and lots of gore to go along with it. Pick this up. If you do mind the bugs and issues, wait a couple of months till they iron everything out.





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