Anybody remember the most recent Doom? If so, you will be pleased to hear that with the new aptly appointed 6.66 “Ultimate” update there will be a few new features implemented into the game. First, anybody who wasn’t able to get the season pass for the game will be able to play all of the DLC as part of the new update with no extra cost. This means new maps, demons, guns, armour and equipment for anyone to have. Other new updates include some updates to the HUD that will better assist players on how they died. The overall UI of multiplayer is also getting a bit of a face lift giving a bit more insight on the status of how each player is performing. The progression system is also getting an overhaul, allowing a more streamlined and linear progression instead of the usual random unlocks that were given before. One caveat to this is that every veteran player will be losing their level and their level only. Veterans will not lose their items and purchases they have spent the time and effort earning unless they want to specifically do so. There is many more perks that have been implemented into the game as the launch of this update occurs.

On top of that, Bethesda is letting players get a chance to play the game starting today. PS4 owners will, however, have to wait for July 27th to play free. To make this news even better the game will be on sale for $14.99 USD for a limited time afterwards. Leave it to good guy Bethesda to keep up the updates on a great game and make it even more accessible to people. At least they aren’t releasing it on three more consoles with slightly better graphics. Great job Bethesda.

Source: Bethesda

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