The Destiny 2 Beta is finally here after what felt like forever, at least for some people, including myself. There isn’t too much content packed in as it is a beta, but one thing that seems to be the biggest difference to me was the graphical upgrade. It is already a pretty big step up from the first game and the first games beta. Destiny was already a pretty decent looking game for its time. But now it seems to look even better.


There really isn’t much to talk about as its kind of hard to differentiate a beta between a full game released 3 years ago, but what I can tell is that PVP is already a sweat fest. I normally stay away from PVP anyways and put my focus on the story and other things. Speaking of story, the beta immediately loads you into the first mission after selecting your choice of character, which by the way, the character models look pretty good. The first mission is pretty good in itself, and very attention grabbing. However, not being able to save that guy from getting destroyed in the very beginning is extremely annoying. Hopefully, they patch that into the final release.

maxresdefault (6)

The only (sadly) strike that we got was actually really nice. I and my friend both enjoyed it a lot, and we got to see some new enemies and an actually challenging boss fight. My only real complaint is that the jetpack motion was a bit stiff, so it makes moving around a bit difficult. Other than that the strike was a lot of fun, and it’s saddening that it is the only strike we got to play and instead turned our focus to PVP.

PVP in destiny is not something I particularly enjoy. Some weapons are absolutely broken, and when you’re whooping someone with a rifle they run away to pull out a hand cannon and boom, you’re dead. That is essentially what I went through yesterday in PVP. It can be pretty fun at times, and the domination play list is pretty decent as a game mode, it’s mostly the people who play that frustrates me. Shotguns are still broken as well, but I will excuse that for it still only being a beta. Overall, I’m not playing Destiny for PVP anyways. I play to have fun with my friends in strikes and raids.

Overall, I think Destiny 2 will live up to the first game. So far it’s been really good, of course, some issues, that will hopefully get fixed before release which is coming up faster than you think. I feel as though the game will be so much fun, and won’t be as dull as the first game was to me as a grind fest. One of the biggest problems I had with the first game was just being bored grinding. But I have high hopes and expectations for Destiny 2.

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