Honestly, I could set up some interesting introduction into what I would like to call the best worst fighting game of all time. But, I don’t even know where to start with this game. I get it that art is subjective and to a certain extent that is very true. You see, I am an artist both figuratively and literally (fun fact just got my degree after having graduated from college…. Two years ago!). Even with subjective art, there is still just that stuff that everyone can equally agree is just bat-shit insane, for example; The Simpsons past the year 2000, the movie Pink Flamingos, pineapple pizza.

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The SNES was hands down one of the greatest, if not the, greatest game system that was ever created. It had a multitude of amazing video games that were just a blast to play with graphics to boot. But, not all great things remain great forever. We can see past the sins of certain individuals, but, we have to draw a line in the sand somewhere. For every great moment in history, there has been an equally or greater tragedy that plagues the minds of humans alike. The SNES’ greatest moments include; Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. Hands down probably one of SNES worst moments; Rise of the Robots.

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Let us rewind the clocks a bit back to the primitive year of 1994. The Super Nintendo had been out for some time and had some great hits that were continuing the legacy of video games in general. Then someone decided to take a shit all over it. Just, everywhere; on video games, in the carpet, on the wall. On the forefront of development, it seemed like everything was actually going to be pretty well off with the game. It had boasted a brand new and much more advanced Artificial Intelligence that would rival that of any other game. Add on top of that, they got Brian May (of Queen!) somehow in the mix for music. You’re telling me, that there would have been a fighting game with amazing AI, kicking ass, and rockin’ guitar solos? Count me in!

What they had neglected to tell everyone however, was the lack of personnel on their team creating the game. When I say this, I am not including the words “about” or “approximately”. In fact, let’s just agree that I am using the word “exactly”. They had five people working on the game. Now, there have been plenty of instances of games that have been created that have been excellent with even fewer people. Sadly, this isn’t one of those instances, quite the opposite. So, you are down to five people to make what is sounding like the greatest fighting game of all time, what do you do? You make the game almost nothing like what it was hyped up to be. It was such an unmitigated mess, that suffered from so many issues that could have easily been fixed. So, let’s take a little bit of a closer look at what exactly makes this game craptastic.

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On the whole, the graphics in this game are not particularly bad. It is actually pretty impressive what they are able to pull off at the time and in the way that they did it. That, however, is completely from a technology standpoint. The designs are not the best things in the world, mainly the game just has a lot of standard looking robots that have some cool features but all in all are pretty forgetful. And really that is about it as far as the good parts of the designs. On the other side, there are plenty of awful going on with the graphics, but not in a graphics way, in a logistics way. It begs the question; what does that mean? See, when you make a video game there are a lot of things that are underlying that people don’t always think about.

When you make a game with nice graphics, that’s one thing. When you make a game with nice graphics and it halts the game mechanics, well that’s a little bit of a problem. One of the biggest issues that the game has on the graphics side is the game’s inability to give any room on each level for the players to fight in. When you start into the level you get that area between you and your enemy and maybe a foot or two behind you (that’s using in-game feet). A fighting game with little movement is not a very good fighting game. These types of games need the room to be able to fight properly or else you run into the issue of either trapping your enemy in the corner or getting trapped by your enemy in the corner. This is the biggest issue that comes from the game but there are multiple instances of weird glitches. While the graphics are bad they don’t compare to the majesty that is the gameplay.

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The terms gameplay and video game should go hand in hand. Some of the best games that we have ever experienced have been fighting games, and while it is a niche market they don’t disappoint. Games like Street Fighter and Tekken are household names in the world of the fighting genre. This game, however, is the exact opposite of the term fighting. Which is pretty impressive as it only has one function as a game and that is being a fighting game.

Now, I love difficulty in video games as much as the next guy but the problem that you get when you combine difficulty and the lack of a large environment for fighting you get absolute insanity. The game instantly becomes almost impossible to play, if you do not get the upper hand in the first few seconds of the fight you can pretty much kiss the win goodbye. How exactly do you gain the upper hand? It’s easy, simply grind one button into eternity until the match is over. I know that sounds insane, why make a fighting game if the only real method to win is to button mash? Well, the problem here is that unlike other games where you get dominated by CPU combos, there really isn’t a combo system in the game. Naturally, if there was, you would think that the devs would actually put the combos in for the CPU to beat you with, but no they just button mash as well.

That is really just it though, you fight robots kind of in a boring fashion and then you fight the final boss and its over. That is really all there is to it. It presents you with a game that could have a lot of potential but when the execution comes into play it just feels like you have been let down. Fighting games and combos should be something that goes hand in hand. All in all, you just get a game that is functions poorly with clunky controls and badly planned levels and robots. There was so much that this game could have achieved and with the amount of hype that went into this game it just proves that you can’t get too excited for a game before release. Always give the game a few reviews before you go out and buy it or else you might end up with one of these games that builds us up just to watch us burn like the dry brush we are.

I would go into detail about the Brian May thing but let’s just say that it was nothing close to satisfactory. One song off of his solo album, one song…

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