DLC is synonymous to video games, these days the two terms can’t go without the other. Most of the time DLC is over priced and very minuscule for the amount that you are paying. Then there are those times when you know a DLC has been done right, something so amazing that you could honestly call it a brand new game. CD Projekt Red did it right with The Witcher 3. It’s time to see if Diablo 3 is one of those games.

This week we saw the landing of the brand new Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer pack open up for the public to purchase. For only $15 you can acquire this brand new DLC from Blizzard. With it, you get a pretty good amount of stuff that on paper makes it seem like a lot but when you think about it only 1 or two of the things are actually worthy of the price.

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Blizzard is one of those companies that hasn’t always made the option of cosmetics an important portion of their payment design. Typically their money comes in from the subscriptions or the expansions that they release. So, technically, they have never really had the need for cosmetic items in games (not including Heroes of the Storm or Hearthstone due to being free-to-play). Diablo 3 has been one of those games that has suffered from the cosmetic bug, but not in a way that was really noticeable. In order to get some of the cosmetic items, you need to purchase special editions of the game or you can find them in-game. This time around it is pretty much the same principle but I can’t help but feel a little bit off about the idea.

With your $15 you get:

  • Necromancer Class
  • Cosmetic Pet
  • Cosmetic Wings
  • Cosmetic Banner and Sigil
  • Cosmetic Portrait frame
  • Cosmetic Pennant
  • 2 Additional Stash Tabs
  • 2 Additional Hero Slots

What does all that mean? Aside from probably the tabs, slots and class, you are also getting some cosmetic items that fit the lore and design of the character. While they are very nice looking and well thought out, the question that has to be asked is: Are we paying for the important stuff or the cosmetics? I would like to think the former, in that you get a very well made class and some very useful extra storage slots. While there are more cosmetic items then there are usable items, you still get the feeling after playing a little bit of the game that you really put your money to good use. As good of use as wasting your time playing video games can be. But, how does the new class play?

Image result for diablo 3 Necromancer corpse explosion

Necro-Splosion! is legitimately the only way I can describe the magic that is the Necromancer class. Now, at this point, I am going to go a little bit into the nerd, not so much that you will look down on me, but enough to hit the finer points. Two words, Corpse Explosion. So, to sum it up; you kill a thing, that thing dies, it leaves a corpse, you tell corpse to blow up, profit. It is the single greatest skill that any character in that game has. You see, when something blows up, in this particular case, it causes a chain reaction thus causing more bodies to blow up. It is beautiful and gory and glorious. I haven’t played too much of the game on the harder levels but there is something about the explosion that really brings a great level of fun and enjoyment to the expansion. Besides that, the class plays very challenging and fun. While they have made certain things kind of overpowered, there is still that level of challenge that comes from being thrown into the thick of the enemies. It is hands down probably one of the best casters in the game as it takes into account both the wizard and the witch doctor and combines them into a single character. All in all, a pretty damn good class to bring to the table.

Image result for diablo 3 The Temple of the firstborn

Add on top of the DLC pack, Blizzard also released a few new zones for the players to indulge in completely for free. As part of their 2.6 patch; The Moors, The Temple of the Firstborn as well as four brand new branches of the Realms of Fate bounties. To add even more to the mix, Blizzard introduced a brand new mode called Challenge Rifts. Each player will be able to play a different player per week and go through a rift that said a player had actually completed and the goal is to do it in the fastest time. Each time you clear the time you get a cache of items to help you along your way, on top of that your time gets recorded and placed on a leader board for the community to see.

Image result for diablo 3 challenge rifts

It sounds like you end up getting a lot as these releases of the Necromancer pack and the new patch all happened on the same day. Some will think you get what you paid for, but something you have to understand is that everything that is included in the patch is given to every player for free. So you still are only paying for the Necromancer pack, is it worth it? Honestly? Yeah, as much as I am biased towards Blizzard I am always willing to see the failure in their products then they are introduced to me. Spending $15 on this pack does have some useless things that are only for aesthetics but the class and the extra slots that you give more than make up for the price. I have been having a blast since its release and I am excited to see what comes up in future updates to the game.

You can get the new Rise of the Necromancer pack from Blizzard today!

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