During Microsoft’s E3 briefing, they revealed a brand new online multiplayer exclusive titled Sea of Thieves. It is essentially an online multiplayer pirate game, focused on finding treasure to upgrade your ship or to buy other items. We got a nine-minute gameplay trailer, and I’ve got to say, it looks pretty damn cool. The graphics are actually nice, and the combat seems decent.


There really isn’t much to explain for this game that hasn’t already been explained. The multiplayer aspect of it sounds extremely fun to play with friends, and hopefully we get to see what we can do with all the money we find looting islands and sunken ships. But what does this mean for the pirate genre as a whole? We have some great online pirate games such as Blackwake. We also have another potentially amazing game called Skull and Bones being made by Ubisoft.


Hopefully, this game is not released within the time frame of Skull and Bones. Blackwake is already out but is in alpha. Both Skull and Bones and Sea of Thieves are set to be released in 2018, and I got to say, I’m excited for both. I’m more hyped for Sea of Thieves though, knowing how Ubisoft’s finished products show up. Hopefully, this starts a wave of new pirate games to be released in the future. As a whole the genre has been lacking since Black Flag, but these 3 I think will raise the bar and standard for a while.

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