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So a version of FIFA has been announced for Nintendo Switch. Originally announced at Nintendo’s Switch reveal back in January will it simply be a port of the Xbox 360 version or has it really been built from the ground up for Switch? The game is missing some modes, but apparently, everyone who played it at e3 has good things to say about it. The question is, will it be an inspired win, or a last minute slip that costs the Switch the league title?



The game doesn’t run on the Frostbite engine that the Xbox One and PS4 versions run on. Apparently, this is noticeable when you look at the pitch and the crowds in the game. The Switch version also doesn’t have the fancy new player animations seen in the next-gen versions. However the Switch game is meant to be just as responsive as the other versions, and as long as there’s a career mode I can take on the go, its a thumbs up from me!

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In the last few years licensed sports games haven’t sold well on Nintendo’s platforms. The last FIFA that appeared on a Nintendo platform was FIFA 15 on 3ds (and Wii). Pro Evolution Soccer has been absent for even longer (Pro last appeared on 3ds in 2013). I have to say I prefer Pro to FIFA on 3ds, although neither are up to the standard they should be, in terms of gameplay. Let’s hope FIFA switch can actually provide a console level handheld experience. As a closing note, we have about as much chance of FIFA being annualised on Switch as England have of winning the next World Cup, so let’s hope they get it right!

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