Although announced a couple years back by Xbox’s 2015 E3, we finally got a gameplay trailer and a full fledged announcement on Ashen, an action RPG about a dark world covered in ashes. As described by Xbox, “This is the world where nothing lasts, no matter how tight you cling to it.” Also stating that the game is about forging relationships, and basically helping people out in such a dark and cruel world.


One thing me and a lot of other people noticed during the gameplay trailer, was the Dark Souls type of combat style, and how it looked similar. A lot of Souls fans are claiming that the game looks a lot like a blatant rip off, which is a fair criticism. Watching the gameplay, I get more of a Fable feel rather than a Souls rip off. The art style of the game does look unique in a sense, but also looks a lot more like an Indie style of game, which is making me wonder what to expect from such a game.


Will the game be great, but unfinished like Recore? Or will it not deliver enough content to justify its price tag? Or will it actually be a pretty decent exclusive for Xbox? Watching gameplay, the game does look artistically nice. The indie vibe is really hitting the spot, and the graphics look extremely well on the Xbox One X. The only thing that sucks is well, we don’t know much about the game. And that is one reason to sit here and wonder, what can we expect? I know that no matter what the price tag is, I’m buying, and I’m mixed between excited, and nervous for this game. Let’s hope it delivers well.

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