The conference starts off with a close-up of a Rabbid’s face. A couple of moments later, another Rabbid shows up, jumping on a Mario block… Yes, folks, it’s the first ever trailer of Mario+Rabbids.



After that short trailer, that Guillemont guy appeared with a smug grin. You know he had something hidden away, after useless introduction to the game, Shigeru Miyamoto appears, not from behind the stage, but literally, walks through the crowd. After arriving on the stage he gives that Guillemont guy another blaster, and they do this great pose together. ( If you haven’t noticed yet, I don’t give a shit about Yves Guillemot)

maxresdefault (4)

It was nothing short of magnificent.

Anyway, less about Shigeru Miyamoto’s heartwarming smile and let’s talk about the game.

It’ll be a Turn Based, Tactical RPG game where the Rabbids’ universe got into the Mario Kingdom. Now Mario and other Rabbid’s have to fight and explore their way in the now Rabbid infested kingdom. They showed off some gameplay, it looks really great, and I can’t wait for new gameplays and info about the game to release over the coming year. The game is expected to release at early 2018.


Next, they showcased the new Assasins Creed – Assassins Creed Origins. It looks decent really, better than the couple crap, ones that came before ( i say a couple, but let’s be honest, after Brotherhood everything got crappier and crappier year after year).

But the game’s director, Ashraf Ismail seems really passionate about his new upcoming project, and it seems like he really cares about the final product, but it’s Ubisoft after all, that’s in control.

Assassin's Creed Origins pyramids.jpg

You can ride camels, FUCKING CAMELS. yes.

3233461-5222088404-17051Next up is The Crew 2, it started off with a trailer that showed us that the game won’t be limited to street car racing, but boat, plane and dirt racing. I don’t have to explain the gameplay of a racing game to you right? because I won’t.


South Park The Stick Of Truth: The Fractured But-Whole. This game looks amazing, I liked the first one – South Park The Stick Of Truth, but there were some things wrong with it, so hopefully, they have been addressed and fixed in this one.

In this game, instead of Eric Cartman’s “Kingdom” versus the Elves on an all-out war for the stick of truth. You start a superhero movie franchise, it didn’t turn out as planned and now you have to battle against the forces of “evil”. The gameplay is like the stick of truth’s turn-based gameplay but improved and themed after super powers.

The game releases on October 7th of this year.


They showed Transference next, the new game by Elijah Wood? I don’t really know, that first bit confused me. ANYWAY. The game is about the virtual recreation of worlds? life? I don’t know. ( I’m thick as a brick I know.) But what I know of Transference, is that nothing is real, and you can’t get hurt. and it has Elijah Wood.

Looks unique, I remember them saying it’s going to feel more like a movie than a game, which really concerns me, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say it’s going to be at least decent.


Skull and Bones, a pirate game about ship to ship combat, and the ship gameplay looks solid, as of now they didn’t announce a story mod, but they showed off multiplayer gameplay, 5v5 PVP, looks alright. You can also board enemy ships, but it’s just a cutscene sadly.

They promised ship customization, so I have microtransaction concerns for this game, I mean it IS Ubisoft we’re talking about. So I’m not surprised if the ship customization options can be purchased by grinding your ass off or just by entering your credit card information.

They also teased a Sea Creature at the end. The game is planned for release next year.


It’s fucking Just Dance mate.

Every single year, Ubisoft has to show us some Just Dance action baby! With another Cringe Infested dance routine. That’s all the Just Dance you’re getting from me.


Next up is Starlink Battle For Atlas, this game is a dog fighting-ish game that incorporates Physical and Digital ship and ship parts to customise one’s ship. I’m assuming the digital ones can be earned in game, but the inclusion of physical figures, that can be used in the game, can be seen as cheating or pay to win by some people, the game looks decent. I probably won’t even touch it though, since I’m not into these kinds of games.


First off, people still play Steep? Well according to Steam Charts, 71 happy players will get this expansion. Steep is getting an Olympic expansion, expect a new location, and customization options. I don’t think they’ll add more than that, to be honest.


FarCry 5, the game is set in the fictional Hope County in Montana, and Ubisoft finally showed us some actual gameplay ( let’s be honest the trailer was in CG.) the game looks great, and this time we see a recurring feature, last seen in Far Cry 2, AI companions that help you out, the game also supports Co-op and hopefully it has a better role than Far Cry 4. The game’s villains, A fully loaded religious cult that believes that Reckoning is coming, does that give them an excuse to murder? I don’t really care, as long as I can shoot back.


The final game shown at the conference was Beyond Good and Evil 2, the story has a mature tone this time around, I mean they did say Fuck like 12 times in 10 seconds, now that’s MATURE! at least to an understanding of a 12 year old. In all seriousness, I can’t wait for this game, The first one was a big part of my early gaming life, and after 10 odd years of blue balling us, it’s finally here. ( well, the trailer is at least.)

The developers also announced a new program to help the development of the game. The Space Monkey Program. It really shows that the developers are really passionate about this game and I’m really excited, it is evident by the stupid grin on my face, that I had on the entire time while watching.


That concludes our coverage of the Ubisoft E3 Conference. It was a doozy.


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