The Xbox E3 conference was nothing short of surprising to me and many other people. Phil Spencer came right out and announced the Xbox Scorpio now revealed as the Xbox One X. I was worried from the start when the very first game announced was just another Forza game. I have no personal interest in racing games and was worried that the only new exclusives Xbox would be getting are just more Halo or Forza, or possibly another Gears of War.


But Spencer, to my astonishment, announced 22 brand new exclusives coming out in the future for both Xbox one and Xbox one X. Some of them range from indie games to well, ACTUAL games. One in particular that took me by surprise was Sea of Thieves. It’s a beautiful pirate game about exploring islands and the ocean, finding treasure and fighting off enemies of the ocean and land. It’s coming to Xbox one and Windows 10 for play anywhere availability.

3165983-sod2.jpgAnother game that looked very interesting to me was Black Desert: A new MMORPG that honestly looked more like a single player game. The graphics looked pretty astonishing, and it seems like a really fun game to play with friends. I’m interested to see if Xbox will make this game free. Some other very noteworthy games that were announced: State of Decay 2, a sequel to an extremely stellar zombie game, Crackdown 3, PlayerUnkownsBattlegrounds, which will be a PC and Xbox exclusive, and many other titles that looked fantastic.

ori_and_the_will_of_the_wisps.jpgNot to mention, original Xbox games are coming to backwards compatibility! Surprisingly, as stingy as I am about indie games, some of these indie games look absolutely stunning. The last night looks like a mix of pixelated and HD graphics, and Ori: And The Will of The Wisps, is a stunningly beautiful game. With 4K Ultra HD, I believe I can finally just sit down and enjoy these games, hell I can sit there and just stare at the background for hours.


Bioware has also announced a new game that they said they had been working closely with Xbox, and it’s called Anthem. It appears to be what a lot of people claim “destiny should have been, and looks way better.” And it does. The Frostbite engine has not looked so clean on a console, and the way this game appears to play looks really amazing. It even looked amazing on my 1080p monitor on my Xbox One S. Speaking of power, let’s dig into the specs of the XBOX One X.


Now let’s talk some specs. This console is packing some serious power, (for a console mind you). A 6 teraflop GPU01 and an 8 core custom AMD CPU clocked at 2.3ghz provides true 4K gaming and wide colour variety. The system is actually liquid cooled because Xbox definitely does not want this thing to overheat. With 12gb CDDR5 memory and 325gb/sec memory bandwidth, loading times will be faster and you won’t sit there frustrated that your game is taking years to load. This is by far the most powerful console ever announced, and I could not be more excited to try it. Oh yeah, Minecraft will also be updated with 4K graphics. So, yeah…..

Let’s talk price, release date, and what we can expect from Microsoft and Xbox in the future. The Xbox one X is set to release on November 7th, considering no delays. With a price tag of 499$, I can’t even complain, and in fact, that in my eyes is an amazing price. A lot of people seem to disagree, which doesn’t make sense to me considering I never heard anybody complain about the PS4 pro being 399$. And this is a considerably way more powerful console than the PS4 pro. Now, like many and I mean MANY people have said, you can’t have a console without exclusives, non indie and it looks like Xbox kept that in mind. But, it will be hard to please everybody, and people are going to be expecting more. As long as Xbox continues pumping non-indie game exclusives, I think the console will succeed.

I personally am extremely pleased with what Xbox put out today. The best part about the Xbox One X, is that it will drive competition, especially with Sony, and I’m excited to see what the next console from them is. I’m not the type of person who hates competition. I actually love it, and it’s especially good economically. 4K is already becoming standard, especially now with 8K coming out soon. I think the future is looking very bright for Xbox, and consoles and gaming as a whole. Xbox really did take a chance here, and they were successful. So what’s next from here? Well in a few years I believe we will all be laughing at 4K with 8K monitors. Like I said before, for gaming as a whole, the future sure is looking bright.

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