Feature article by Tom Fear

Developers: Tequila Works, QLOC

Publisher: Grey Box

From the creators of Deadlight and GodEater 2 comes a new adventure/puzzle game, RiME.

In RiME you play as a young boy who is washed up onto a mysterious island containing wild animals, old ruins and a mysterious tower. With nothing but the clothes on your back, your intellect and wit, you must traverse the island, solve puzzles and reach the island’s tower and unleash its secrets. Oh, was it mentioned that you are accompanied by a helpful fox who guides you throughout the island?


From the trailer and images, the game takes a cartoon-style approach to the graphics with bold colours and textures.

The enemies, from what we’ve gathered, are imaginative yet terrifying. A winged creature with a porcelain mask seems to chase the boy whilst he traverses the island.


Puzzles seem to be a crucial part to RiME, so if you’re into puzzle games or just want to test your mind, this game will be for you.


Adventure. Action. Puzzles. Mystery. It seems as though this game has it all which we will be waiting in anticipation.

RiME is due for release on 26th May 2017 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Nintendo Switch in Summer. Keep checking back for any future updates and of course, a review of the game after release.

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