Outlast 2: Religion and Horror Brought Together
Heads up! I will attempt to keep this review as spoiler-free as possible. I can not guarantee anything though. Anyways on with the review

Outlast 2 is the sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed horror games of the last 10 years, Outlast. Although many were assuming that the second game would be a direct sequel to the first game, it did not end up that way. We get a revamped story, taking place within the Arizona desert with our main characters Blake and Lynn Langermann. Their main goal for taking this trip was to investigate the mysterious murder of a pregnant woman named Jane Doe. As you would expect from anything horror related, Blake and Lynn get separated in a helicopter crash on their way to their destination. That is where the fun, and horror, begin.

maxresdefault (3).jpg
As it was before, Outlast 2 kept the camera and recording feature as an important role in the game, considering you would not want to lose a camera that is not only waterproof but can survive plane crashes as well. As Blake, your main objective within the game is to find Lynn. While traversing through the dark and mysterious Colorado Plateau, you stumble across a well, let’s just say the extreme religious group, and man named “Papa” Sullivan Knoth. To keep a long story short, “Papa” Knoth believes that Lynn is pregnant with the antichrist. To keep a long story short, and somewhat spoiler free, Blake and Lynn meet back up, and Lynn begins to complain of stomach aches, which are from “Papa” knoth, who rapes the women that pass through the town of Temple Gate. Lynn and Blake stop for a short rest because of Lynn’s pain, which at that point they get separated again thanks to Val, the leader of The Heretics, who’s purpose is to bring the end of days closer and closer, and also rival with “Papa” Knoth’s cult.

I won’t go into much more detail about the story, in order to avoid spoilers for anybody reading, but I do want to talk about the gameplay and style a bit. I want to start by giving major respect to Red Barrels. They managed to surprise me with the visuals and overall graphics of Outlast, but Outlast 2 just looks visually wonderful in my opinion. It wasn’t really much of an improvement, but I am still extremely impressed, especially with how awesome the gore in general looked. Although the ending of the game did seem a little unimpressive, the rest of the story was very immersive and extremely intense at times. I found myself looking over my shoulder every now and then to make sure I wasn’t being watched. What this game really did the best on tough, was bringing religion and horror together. Religious and cult aspects in horror have always been very intriguing to me, and this game nailed it right on the head.
The absolute horror and madness from the 1st game has brought itself back in full fashion in Outlast 2. The amount of bloody and gruesome scenes reached a new level, with a strange focus on genitalia. The best part about this game is that in 2017, where everyone is offended by almost everything, Outlast 2 managed to well, not offend anybody. At least, nobody that I know or heard of. The one issue I will say I have is I believe that the camera battery, for being such an advanced camera, dies a little too fast, but obviously, that is just to add to the horror aspect of the game. I am expecting some more awesome DLC, with how great Outlast: Whistleblower was. I think if any developer out there is looking to make a horror game just remember, combat is not a must at all, some of the best horror games, in my opinion, don’t have a great combat system, or one at all. Just keep it simple, and not get too complicated or fill it with just lame jump scares. Overall, I really enjoyed Outlast 2, just as much as the 1st game. It is definitely a worthy sequel, and I highly recommend it for any horror fans out there.

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