• Developed and Published: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Released on 4/4/2017
  • Copy Purchased





Parappa the Rapper Remastered still has the charm and fun of the original, since its literally the same game with a new coat of paint applied. It’s kind of sad to see that they didn’t change anything involving the cut scenes and menus, it feels more like a port than a remaster of a game.

The game is about a dog with a beanie doing specific tasks to impress his crush. It sounds incredibly boring when described that way, but when you add rap battles to the mix, it’s a whole different story.


The game consists of 6 stages, including 1 secret stage. Each stage has an amazing rap battle to go with it and the lyrics for each stage are enjoyable and fun. I found myself singing along with every stage.

The game brings all of the fun things that made the original great, Unfortunately, it brings the bad ones as well. there is only one bad thing about it really – freestyling. In Parappa The Rapper, you’re given an option to freestyle ( when the “cool” rating is reached), but the game doesn’t tell you if you’re doing good or bad when you freestyle. so it usually ends with your status returning to “Good”.


All-around, it’s a solid rhythm game. It’s kind of short, clocking in at 1 hour or less depending on how you perform in each stage.



*sidenote: I know that the site hasn’t been updated for a while. I didn’t want to hit 30 days without an update. Bayonetta (pc port) and persona 5 reviews should be next. I am deeply sorry for the lack of posts. hopefully, it won’t happen again.

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