Platforms : PlayStation 4 ( reviewed on) , Xbox One , PC

Genre: Action-RPG

Developed By BioWare / Published By EA

Copy Bought.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a hot steamy pile of boredom.

The game starts off with you–Ryder. After being woken up from a 600-year cryogenic sleep on board one of the Arks that have been travelling to a new “Golden Planet”. A new planet that is suitable for the human species to live in. Turns out this “Golden Planet” isn’t what you expected.Mass Effect™: Andromeda_20170325161324

A Universe Of Emptiness And Boredom.

The universe of Andromeda is boring, bland and lifeless. Even though it has different species and characters all over.

I normally give games second chances since the first 10 or so hours might not reflect the entire game’s experience, but after 25 treacherous hours, I finally finished this so called journey through the “universe”.


This game’s environments looks and feels amazing. There is something about discovering ruins, seeing ancient technology do its magic right in front of you. The world is built surprisingly well unfortunately, each planet’s surface is empty. You will mostly likely spend 70 percent of the game driving around your piece of junk, which isn’t fun.


The gameplay in Mass Effect: Andromeda isn’t good, that is obvious. Mass Effect 2 and 3 improved on the combat, where it reached a point that clicked with everyone who played them. That is not the case with Andromeda, it feels like that Bioware took a few steps backwards instead of forward. The combat feels so clunky and old, not the AAA quality to expect from a high budget game. It’s basically un-holster your weapon, magically crouch behind an object ( Yes you can’t crouch in this game) and then shoot the filthy rock faced aliens. Now repeat this for 25 hours and you have Andromeda’s gameplay.sYWXp7P

NPCs And Character Building.

Wait, are you saying that there is animation in the game? WHAT!? I didn’t know such a simple yet important aspect of a game’s quality is included in this “AMAZING” journey. Bioware thought that sticking animations to their models would suffice. Well yeah, it would if you’re making a game about The Room. The lip-synching looks like a bad Russian TV show that has been dubbed to English, it’s THAT bad… Character models look like they have been pulled out from the original Mass Effect and then given a new coat of paint, but the coat of paint clogged up the details.

This game’s NPC mechanics seem really dated and clunky, where an NPC just materialises in front of you when running around. NPC companions have no animations of their own, so they too just teleport to your location or just materialise in front of you. Textures pop in and out, sometimes you just fall through the map for no apparent reason.

The main NPC characters are not interesting or memorable. Most of their lines are made up of bad jokes or puns. During “cutscenes” you can see their blank eyes stare into your soul while the voice actors do the laziest voice overs ever seen in a AAA story driven RPG.

The Romance sections with your love interests are boring this time around since most of your choices don’t matter. You’ll shag them sooner or later if you talk to them enough. Animation ruins the scenes anyway, so they are not worth your time at all.



Mass Effect: Andromeda, as far as I’m concerned is a mediocre and sloppy attempt at an RPG. The game is just so painfully average. Awful animations and voice acting killed some of the intense action sequences, they felt comical in a way. So if you’re thinking of getting it anytime soon, Dont.



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