Since my site launched a couple of hours ago , i’d like to give you a taste of what to expect.

*this article was written 8 months ago*

The Allison Road Debacle

Allison Road was one of the most talked about horror games in 2015 , most of the hype and anticipation was from the Silent Hills playable teaser : P.T , that inevitably got cancelled. The people had a substitute though–Allison Road.



June 2016 was the month that Allison Road was unfortunately cancelled. People were disappointed but it wasn’t really surprising since the developers were known to make rash decisions randomly. Their kickstarter is a perfect example, the team consisting of a husband and wife , decided that kickstarter was a waste of time and signed up with a publisher instead. Team 17 the game’s publisher unfortunately cancelled the game when both parties disagreed on the game’s direction. That ended their affiliation with Team 17 and Allison Road was no more, but that was about to changeAllison-Road-cancelled-screen-grab.jpg


As of August 2016 , Allison Road developer Christian Kesler said he would continue development alone. No news about the state of development so far, but we can hope its going great.

What do you think of this mess? leave your comments below

This was a super short “taste” of what will come , hope you enjoyed this short read.


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